The Nutrition

The Nutrition

Of weight loss comes from proper nutrition.
Of muscle gain comes from proper nutrition.

Proper nutrition is crucial in order to super-charge your results. Activ Fitness has partnered up with the best meal-prep companies in the area to deliver you healthy, delicious, ready-made meals that take the hassle out of eating healthy.

Ready-Made Meals

We understand that nutrition can be hard, so we took out the hassle by providing ready-made meals. Pick up your breakfast, lunch or dinner after your workout, or pick up a weeks worth to hold you over until your next visit.


Choose a delicious high protein ready-made meal to make nutrition easy and enjoyable while helping build muscle and lose weight.


Try a low calorie vegetarian meal to loose weight and lean up while feeling light, refreshed, and renewed.

Nutrition Plans

For those unafraid to cut it up in the kitchen, Activ Fitness provides regular recipes and meal ideas that are designed to keep your nutrition goals on course.