ACTIV Fitness offers a wide arrange of classes and coaching to reach your fitness goals.

Group Exercise

ACTIV Fitness will be home to the most diverse Group Exercise class offerings in the region. All taught in our bright, spacious 1400 sf studio, our experienced team of instructors will put forth the most cutting edge programs offered throughout the country. From lower intensity workouts such as muscle conditioning to the intense “Pound” class, there is something for everyone to enjoy while getting results!

Private Training

Creating a personalized gym experience is another focus at ACTIV Fitness. Working one-on-one with a Nationally Certified Trainer ensures accountability as well as provides an extra layer of motivation, safety, and creative programming to each workout. Each personal trainer at ACTIV Fitness brings with them a significant amount of experience, ensuring every workout is productive and fun! If you're looking for a specific prescription to maximize your time and efforts, our personal training staff is ready to support you.

Small Group Training

Small Group Training is a hybrid of Private Training and Group Exercise as well as an affordable and multi-purposeful approach to personal training. For the competitive individual, semi-formal competitions between members add to the intensity of each workout. Additionally, Small Group Training provides an opportunity to be social and form friendships while working out. Small Group Training classes provide many of the benefits of personal training while sharing the experience with like-minded members.

High-Performance Training

High-Performance Training is designed to refine skills and performance levels as well as enhance physical talents and gifts to give atheletes an advantage. By participating in our High-Performance/Sport-Specific Training programs, we will work to improve your cardiovascular performance, strength, speed, acceleration, and agility as well as skills for injury prevention and recovery support. Whether it's on a court, field, diamond, or track our High-Performance Training will give you a competitive edge.

Medical Transition Programming

Medically based fitness is a clinical approach to active living and is designed to maximize an individual's health and quality of life. Patients transitioning from physical therapy or who are preparing for surgery will benefit from structured programs that lower health risks through specific exercise and nutrition support. Our team of Nationally Certified Exercise Physiologists will work with local therapists and physicians throughout the area and provide an extended continuum of care as patients transition back into the mainstream.

Open Gym

Open gym is designed for the gym goer looking to workout on an individual basis as opposed to group classes or training. ACTIV Fitness will house an inordinate amount of state-of-the-art fitness equipment designed to provide any and all levels of fitness as well as the opportunity to stay active in a safe way.

About Us

Carson and Michael Rutledge look to bring their combined fitness and active lifestyle experience with ACTIV Fitness.


Pediatric Dentist by day, thrill seeker by night. Carson is always on the go. But no matter how busy he gets, he always finds time to fit in a workout. Carson has spent most of his life understanding the science behind building muscle and is excited to share his knowledge with the ACTIV Fitness members.


Entrepreneur from top to bottom. Michael is never satisfied and always looking to delve into something new. With his latest venture into gym ownership, Michael looks to bring new, fresh ideas to help people reach their health and wellness goals.


102 Statesville Rd STE D, Huntersville, NC 28078

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