Building Community

Building Community

A strong fitness community reduces stress by 26%.
Working out with friends increases goal success by 42%.

A strong community of like-minded members ensures goals are being met and being kept. Activ Fitness helps create a fitness community by creating out-of-the-club events that are fun, relaxing, and rewarding.

Stay Adventurous

We don't call ourselves Activ for nothing. One of the best ways to meet fitness goals is with a collective challenge to work towards. We schedule regular adventures to participate and conquer as a team.


Work as a team to conquer an upcoming mud run or obstacle course.


Enjoy a challenging day outside as we hike the Appalachia.


Challenge yourself or overcome a fear by trying something new and exciting.

Treat Yourself

After all your hard work, you deserve to reward yourself. We like to schedule liesure trips where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Beach Trip

We plan events where you get to soak up some rays and enjoy the sand, after a morning workout to get your mind right.


Get those muscles relaxed and those joints loose when we plan a weekend trip to a resort or spa.

Day on the Lake

Enjoy a sunny day on the lake with floating, tubing, drinks, and your new fit companions.

Give back

What better way to build a community than to help your community. Join us as we help our members with the causes they care about through volunteering and fundraisers.


Whether its a local charity, non-profit, or cause, we like to create and participate in fundraisers to help with local efforts.


For charity that needs a little extra muscle, we leverage our community and time to help those in need.