The Workouts

The Workouts

Our sessions burn more calories versus competitors.
Increase metabolic rate even After training.

The key to the perfect workout is diversity of workouts. Activ Fitness embraces diverse workouts by providing the tools and guidance to reach all types of goals.

The Training

High Intensity sessions are all the rage and the best way to quickly and efficiently raise your heart rate, burn calories, build muscle, and lose weight. Activ Fitness has specially curated four week cycle is designed to not only jump start a fitness journey, but to keep you continually progressing.


Apex sessions are your benchmark. Every fourth week, you get another chance to beat your best and actually see your progress.

Ascent Burn

Ascent Burn focuses on fast-paced, high intensity exercises designed to raise your heart beat and burn calories.

Ascent Build

Ascent Build slows the pace but keeps the intensity high to help build strength and muscle.

General Access

The basics are still a necessity. For those who prefer a more self-paced traditional workout, Activ Fitness provides an amazing array of free-weights, selectorize equipment, and cardio machines.

Free Weights

Activ Fitness' array of exercise equipment is all you'll ever need to get the self-paced workout you need to be satisfied.


Activ Fitness took cardio to the next level with newer machines and a turf track to switch up your workouts.

Personal Training

Whether you're a novice and need some extra guidance, or you are a fitness veteran looking for someone to help you get the competitive edge; our world-class trainers are prepared to help you better understand, map out, and execute a plan to help you reach your fitness goals.


Get the hands-on attention you need to better create your goals, plan out your workouts, and understand the best way to achieve you goals.


For those with a more specific goal, work with our world-class trainers to get that competitive sports edge or prepare for an upcoming event.